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In the heart of Tierp Municipality, you will find the central town of Tierp Köping. Small cozy shops where you will find clothes,

flowers, sporting goods, paint shops, children's clothing, animal articles, toys, radio and TV and opticians etc.
Skin and hair care, real estate agencies, second hand.

In addition, there are four grocery stores, pharmacies, system companies, cafes and a number of restaurants and pizzerias.
Next to the E4, the Siggbo area is growing with Dollar Store, Woody C24 hardware store, etc., and right next to the E4 you will find Tierps Porten with restaurants, petrol and lots of delicious sweets.

With Upptåget which runs from Gävle in the north to Uppsala in the south, you can easily get here in just over 30 minutes.


Together, we reduce the spread of infection and save companies!

Now you get an extra many hours to shop without congestion. We make it safe for you to shop with us.
Avoid large shopping centers and promote your local trade in Tierp Municipality.
At Tierp's stores and service companies, we do everything to ensure that you can shop with us safely.


Presentkort FTK.jpg

Promote your local trade and buy gift cards

For example, give your employees a gift and at the same time promote your local trade in these times.
Each gift card has a value of SEK 200 and can be used throughout Tierp Municipality at
the stores and service companies that choose to receive them.

If you want to see which companies receive the cards, you can find them here!
You buy your gift cards here and then get them sent home or
can pick them up at Moniques in Tierp


Through a leader project with money from the Swedish Board of Agriculture -
on the initiative of Näringsliv i samverkan-NIS, this is possible.

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