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O n January 1, 1863 began the new municipal regulation apply,

a law that Sweden is divided into national municipalities with municipal autonomy.

Part of what will later become Tierp's Köping then forms
the rural municipality of Tierp, after Tierp parish.
These localities also formed county municipalities after the then parish names: Hållnäs , Söderfors , Tegelsmora , Tolfta , Vendel , Västland and Österlövsta .

From the beginning, the community of Tierp parish was mainly built around Tierp church village,

but after the inauguration of the railway between Uppsala-Gävle on Monday 14 December 1874 , the current Tierps Köping emerged as a station community after the railway station ended up six kilometers northeast of Tierps Kyrkby.

After the establishment of the railway station, the community grew to become a central town for northern Uppland and the surrounding agricultural areas, and eventually became the largest community between Uppsala and Gävle. In 1917, there were 1,200 inhabitants here with a post office, a doctor, a pharmacy, two hotels, a branch office for Stockholm's commercial bank and the bank of the Mälaren provinces. Many traders and craftsmen, three mechanical workshops, a carpentry factory, a foundry with several factories, a steam saw, a mill, two dairies and a newspaper. The district court also moved here and formed what became Tierp's district court.

On August 3, 1888 , Tierp's municipal community was established in Tierp's county municipality and at the municipal meeting on December 26, 1916 , a motion was considered by police officer Birger Freedner and manufacturer CG Pettersson , containing a petition to separate from Tierp's county in civil, municipal, poor and school care. and form Tierps Köping.

However, for the time being to belong to Tierp parish in ecclesiastical terms.
After the Chairman of the Municipal Committee, Mr. Th. Jansson eagerly agreed with the petition, the meeting decides to seek divorce from Tierp parish as soon as possible.

S on January 1, 1920 utbröts resort with surrounding area of this rural district and formed Tierps market town.

D is a 1 January 1952 incorporated more than the local government in Sweden and then incorporated (joined) Tierps Köping also Tolfta landskommun.

Other municipalities in the area remained before.

O n January 1, 1971, it was time for another local government in Sweden, when all previous rural municipalities, cities and towns were converted to solely municipalities.

However, the new municipality in Tierp did not have time to be completed until 1971, which is why with the introduction of a uniform type of municipality, the problem arose that two municipalities were named Tierp. To separate them, the former köping was named Tierps kommun, this included Tierps Köping and Tolfta, while the former Tierps landskommun came to be called Tierpsbygdens kommun.

M such a 1974 pre-formed Tierp Municipality as it is today and in the part thus rural municipalities: Hållnäs, Söderfors, Vendel (Örbyhus, Tobo and Upplanda), Österlövsta (Skärplinge), Västland (Karlholm) and Tierp Municipality (Tierps town and Tolfta) and Tierpsbyggdens municipality (Månkarbo and Mehedeby)

So even though we are not a paper on paper today, it is accepted and popular

we would like to see our Köping live on.

TH Jansson 2.jpg

The story of the municipality's coat of arms.

F or Tierp District was already provided in 1456 a seal with

humleax which King Karl Knutsson lent to Tierps

residents and their descendants.

195 4 two weapons were created with three hop axes each,

green background with gold for the rural municipality of Tierp

and vice versa for köpingen.
After the name change in 1971, Tierp municipality used

Tierps köping's weapon.

Fter municipal formation in 1974 was in addition to these two additional number of weapons from the former country's municipalities.

They therefore chose to create a new weapon with, instead of three hop axes, an ax and two blades. The color changed to red. The weapon was registered in 1977.


Below you can see Tierp Köping's weapon on the left and

Tierp Landskommun's coat of arms in the middle and our current coat of arms on the right.

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