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A leader project is currently underway in Tierp's Köping called From Köping to Kärna. The initiator of the project is Näringsliv i samverkan-NIS.
NIS is an association of the business associations Entrepreneurs in Tierp Municipality , ÖTV-Örbyhus, Tobo & Vendel and Tierp Municipality.
The money comes from the Swedish Board of Agriculture and the project aims to elevate Tierp Köping as a central city by gathering property owners, the municipality and the trade. With combined force, we will get Tierp
to live as a center and with the great hope that more people will want to establish
themselves and want to live here.


If you feel that you have ideas about how Tierp can be developed or if you want to be a part of the event, do not hesitate to contact our project manager

Camilla Werme.


Mobile 0733-828 006

Contact us by
email ,
call Camilla W on 0733-828 006
or fill out the form below.

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